Camera Classes in Kansas City

Faces You Love’s owner and photographer, Helen Ransom, is happy to offer camera classes in Kansas City! Classes can either be done privately or you can round up a friend or 5 to make it a semi-private or small group experience. 

Classes can happen online, via Zoom, or in person.

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So what’s covered?

Lots of useful, hands on training on all aspects of your camera and how to rock it. In two hours we will cover things like:


Shutter Speed


White Balance


All the buttons & knobs on YOUR camera

How to shoot in Manual Mode

and so much more

The dozens of people that have taken the camera class find it to be very easy to follow and understand – thanks to using terms that aren’t overwhelming, and because of classes having no more than 6 people in them at a time, it is really hands on for you and your specific camera.

Those two hours will fly by, and you’ll leave feeling confident in achieving better results with your camera!


Private camera class – online or in person: $150

To schedule a private or semi-private class with your friends (the more that come with you, the lower per-person cost), please use the contact form or email: helen@facesyoulove.com

This Kansas City camera class is a popular gift item as well! Purchase the class, tell the recipient, and then scheduling can be done directly with them after they receive your gift! You can buy the class here on my gift certificate page , just select the proper dollar amount to cover the class, and write a message to the recipient.

Looking for something a little more basic, like photography using your cell phone? I’ve got you covered! Just hop over here to check out my cell phone photography course!