Photographer You’ll Love

headshot, photographer headshot, lead photographer of Faces You Love, Kansas City photographerI’m Helen Ransom, the owner and photographer behind Faces You Love Photography here in Kansas City. I’m one of the many KC transplants that comes for a job, thinks they’ll only be here for a few years, and suddenly finds themselves so in love with this city that they can’t see themselves leaving any time soon! Kansas City has been home for nearly 15 years now, and Faces You Love has been in business since 2011. 

I have a husband I adore, and 4 children that are growing up far too quickly for my liking; identical triplet boys who are now 12 and a daughter that is only 6 months older than this business. Yes, triplets…. I think it’s what really kicked off my baby soothing skills, which have morphed into baby whispering skills! 

I’m addicted to coffee, reruns of Friends and The Office, and I love volunteering, whether that be at my kids’ school, church, or my monthly free sessions I do in the NICU at Saint Luke’s on the Plaza. 

I dislike writing bios like this, especially given most don’t read them {wink} If you’ve made it this far, tell me at your consult, session, or ordering appointment that you read this and I’ll gift you a 5×7 print of your choice! 

Located in S. Kansas City at 400 E Red Bridge Road Suite 206 Kansas City, MO 64131

913-669-7318 helen@facesyoulove.com