School Picture Days

With traditional school picture days up in the air throughout Kansas City, Faces You Love is here to help fill that gap! Safe, socially distanced studio “school pictures”, with prints ready to take home with you right then and there.

Who/How Much/When/Where

Open to children ages 2 – 18. Each child will be photographed individually (sorry, no sibling poses!) in front of your choice of the blue or gray background. As you can see in the samples, these will be classic “school picture” style – vertical, close crop.

You’ll view the images right then, choose your favorite and watch as I run a quick edit on the picture (exposure, color, and basic blemish removal). You’ll choose a print package (see below), and wait the 5-10 minutes for those prints to come off the printer and be cut! Easiest & most gratifying picture day ever!

Cost is just $20 per child, and is booked below. This fee covers my time & talent, and assures me you’ll show up {wink}. While I can’t compete with the dirt cheap prices the major school photographers typically offer (because I’m only seeing 4-10 children a day versus 400), I think you’ll find my package prices quite low and reasonable for this situation!

Sessions will be held at various times from late August through the end of September. If demand is high enough, additional dates will be added and announced! I am doing my best to mix up days of the week and times of days in order to accommodate both work schedules and distance learning schedules. There is potential for a Saturday option to be added down the road.

All sessions will take place in my spacious, south Kansas City studio. The studio is located just a couple of minutes from 435 and State Line Road, making it easily accessible for much of the metro!

Let’s talk safety! As long as mask mandates are in place, you are to wear masks into the building, while in the studio before & after the actual picture taking portion, and while exiting. My studio is large enough that I will remain at a distance for the duration. If you, or anyone in your household, has been directly exposed or suddenly has COVID 19 symptoms, simply e-mail Helen to make rescheduling arrangements. I’ve also built in enough buffer to minimize or even eliminate the odds of multiple families being at the studio at the same time.

Package Options

While you can opt to purchase from the special a la carte list, most will find the special packages to be the best buy!

Package #1 – (2) 5×7 prints for $9

Package #2 – (1) 8×10 and (4) 5×7 prints for $29

Package #3 – Digital file, (1) 8×10, (2) 5×7 prints, and 9 wallets for $59

A la carte options include: extra 8x10s for $15, 5x7s for $10, sheet of wallets for $12, and the digital file for $20.

What If….

I have multiple children I would like photographed! Will we really be there for more than an hour? No, you likely won’t! If just two siblings, plan on still only taking the 30 minutes total (but you will pay $20 per child still). If you have 3-4 children it may take closer to 45 minutes to an hour. Let’s say you have 2 children but there’s only one available time slot for a day – go ahead and book that one, and leave a note about the second child. We’ll invoice you for the second one separately!


Dates with availability will be in bold – need something not shown? Feel free to drop me a message via the Contact form!

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