We’re Open!

We’re open again! Sort of….

Beginning Wednesday, May 6th, my Kansas City, MO portrait studio will begin hosting a very limited number of in-studio sessions, and also begin booking outdoor portrait and headshot sessions.

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So how is this all going to work? What kind of precautions will I be taking? Here’s a quick rundown….

Studio Sessions

  • Sessions, for the first phase of reopening, will only be held in studio with a 48 hour buffer on either side of them.
  • A full cleaning/disinfecting of floor, high touch surfaces, and seating will be done after each session.
  • The usual stringent hand washing practices will continue, as will use of hand sanitizer.
  • I (Helen) will wear a mask at all times, as will Kim (hair & makeup) when she is there for a session. Kim will also wear gloves when working with clients.
  • We ask that only those being photographed come to the studio, and adults are encouraged to wear their masks when not being photographed.
  • Shoes are to be either removed or disinfected at the door (shoe covers are also on the way!). Lots of little hands crawl along these floors!
  • All props, posing blankets and layers, clothing, etc will be washed after each session.
  • Helen’s camera itself will be wiped down prior to the start of a session (you’ll notice it gets picked up and set down a lot during a newborn session especially).
  • Hair & Makeup supplies go through extensive cleaning and sanitizing in between clients, as they always have!
  • For this first phase of reopening, newborn sessions will not have an assistant present, so as to reduce the number of people in the studio at one time.
  • A basic agreement will be signed regarding studio policies, procedures, and a mutual promise to notify each other ASAP if anyone receives a positive COVID 19 test in the 14 days following your visit/session.

Outdoor Sessions

  • I (Helen) will wear a mask for the duration of our time together.
  • Social distancing will be followed, and often I’ll photograph your family from 10+ feet away.
  • If sessions are scheduled “back to back”, a minimum 20 minute buffer will be built in, to minimize the chance of 2 families running into each other.
  • If holding a session outdoors in this first phase of reopening, it is possible hair & makeup service will not be an option for you, due to the limits in place at the studio. If the studio is free, you may utilize Kim for your session!
  • Any props/blankets brought by Faces You Love to the session will be clean already, and then will be cleaned again before the next client may use them.

Before & After Any Sessions

  • For now, session planning will occur over the phone and via video calls (FaceTime, Zoom, etc).
  • You will have the option to have your ordering appointment occur in studio as usual (following my 48 hours in between client full, for the time being), or you may opt to do that portion via a Zoom call.
  • Expect that I will offer to deliver your prints, wall art, or album directly to your home, rather than have you come to the studio.

Some of this is clearly above and beyond what current requirements are for small businesses like mine. I have always taken great care when it comes to cleanliness, health, and safety in my photography, especially when working with so many babies and expectant parents, and I’m going to continue to go to great measures to keep people safe.

As things progress (in whichever direction), some of these policies and procedures may shift a bit. I’m always happy to discuss any of these details with you though, especially if you have concerns of any kind!

I’m so looking forward to getting back behind the camera, and creating absolute magic with your families!

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